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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  May 22, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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in philadelphia it's 76 degrees. yesterday we were stuck in the 50's with the rain. washington, d.c. 79. if you look to the west, though pittsburgh, it's 67 degrees. there is a cold front that's moving through and this will bring us a drop in temperatures overnight and tomorrow. satellite6 along with action radar showing that that front is pushing in right as we speak and there is a sprinkle up in the lehigh valley. other than that, though, this front will be moving through dry. high pressure builds in behind that. that brings us the return of sunshine but temperatures will be dropping pretty quickly once the sun sets tonight. so, if you're out on the town on this friday night as we kick off the holiday weekend at 7 o'clock 71 degrees. by 8 o'clock 69. then by 9 o'clock the skies clear. the winds diminish, 67 degrees. by 10 o'clock, 63 and overnight lows will be dropping down into the 40's for most of our viewing area and even in the afternoon despite sunshine, it will be on the cool side. future tracker showing at 5 o'clock, 69 degrees in
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philadelphia. but if you look to the south and west, you can see a lot of 80's and that will be building in for the second half of your holiday weekend and the heat and humidity will really intensify early next week. so, ranking the days for your holiday weekend, i think it's really a tie between tomorrow and sunday. tomorrow will be cool, sunday warmer. good amount of sunshine both days. and then on monday, not quite as nice because it will be on the muggy side. it will warm up as well. i'll talk about the weekend in detail including the holiday the shore and the poconos i should say and track a possible heat wave next week coming up in the full accuweather forecast, rick. >> cecily we'll see you when you come in. thank very much. now let's switch live to reporter nora muchanic who had the tough assignment of being at the shore all day long. i guess someone had to do it, though nora, hm? >> reporter: oh, you stole my line, rick, somebody did have to do it but i feel lucky took to be here today. it's a beautiful day here at the shore, it's sunny it's breezy everything you could ask for. take a look down the boardwalk
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right now. folks are gathering lots of folks here waving hello. now around noontime they officially unlocked the ocean to kick off the summer season and that was quite a scene. take a look. >> yeah, beach is opened. >> reporter: it is a sight to behold. seconds after officially unlocking the ocean for the summer season, a crowd of businessmen and others in costume marched fully clothed into the water for the first dip of the season. >> it's a lot of fun to open up the beach open up the ocean, let people know that we're here at the shore come on down. >> reporter: unlocking the ocean and annual march into the sea are an annual event. >> if we get good weather and get our families back we'll do great. >> reporter: people are on the beach starting to work on their tans. >> oh, the beach is good. no, i don't like the winter its too cold. too cold. waiting for this warm weather to come. >> reporter: now it's here. >> now it's here. >> reporter: and there are people swim dag but it was
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hard to stay in for long. >> it's like you went under you couldn't really breathe because you would be so cold. >> we just got up from florida and i think it's pretty cool. [laughter] >> reporter: you're waiting for some hot weather. >> no, just nice weather. >> we were very small we came here every summer, so it's nice to be on the boardwalk. >> reporter: people of all ages are strolling the boards today, as more and more folks arrive to welcome summer and the time of year when so many love to head to the shore. >> it's wonderful. we just spent a week in wildwood crest and just being near the ocean and the sunshine and after this winter with the snow every other day when we woke up, it's just wonderful. it's good to be here. >> reporter: back live now it sure is especially on a great day like this. sunny, breezy just what you would hope for on memorial day. now, more and more people are arriving at the shore. by tonight this boardwalk is going to be absolutely packed with people. you can see the special officers are arriving here. folks are arriving and so it's
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really a great way to kick off this day. now, sharrie, i just want to tell you i do are rick's order down. i have curly fries taffy. >> an diet coke. >> reporter: i'm nora muchanic, back to you. diet coke, there you go. >> diet coke, left that out. i'll get it to him nor ranch students at penn ridge high school celebrated the true mooning of memorial day by placing flags on the graves of veterans and firefighters. more than 100 of them visited trinity lutheran cemetery and saint steven cemetery in perkasie this morning. this is the tenth year that pennridge students paid tribute to the fallen. >> a bucks county high school honored america's men and women in union for and a special ceremony for graduates who will soon be in the armed services themselves. "action news" reporter jen odom has the story from langhorne. >> ♪♪ >> reporter: the neshaminy high choir opened the ceremony for seven graduating seniors
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who have decided on their next move. they're joining the u.s. military right weigh. >> it is a special moment. it shows that these young people have a compliment, they've committed to their academics and their school and now to their nation. >> reporter: today's honorees will graduate from this high school on june 5th. sometime in august they'll enter their respective boot camps to begin training for which they've long been planning. the three teens have been sworn in by uncle sam. all seem focused on what they want to learn and achieve during their active duty and after. >> females cannot really be in the infantry right now. they can't do front line jobs but my mls is military police. i'm excited to do that and hopefully become a cap many could many or use the gi bill to go to college when i get out. >> i'm enlisted as a combat engineer. >> your duties will be what. >> i'll be constructing six
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stationary bridges demolishing bridges. >> travel is a big part of it for me. 'cause my dad was in the navy and grew up on stories about his times in the navy and stuff. and that draw always seemed to cut into me. >> reporter: no matter their incentive they're all soon off to serve our country in the armed forces that always needs bright energetic young people. family schoolmate and faculty wish them good luck and godspeed. at neshaminy high school, vernon odom, channel6 "action news. >> and this reminder. we want you to join the action this memorial day weekend. send us photos of the military members in your life and share the pictures of your holiday weekend. e-mail us at join the action at or use #6abcaction on social media. >> time now to see how the holiday bound traffic is moving right now. >> matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. only good news tonight, matt only good news. >> and back to you. no, no, we've got a little bit
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of good news. with those thoughts of pizza curly fries ice cream cones and carmel corn dancing in our heads we're dealing with traffic here on 42, rick and sharrie. those thoughts are always dancing in rick's head. southbound side very heavy from the walt whitman bridge to coles road. it's not unbearable but it is heavy. once you get on the a.c. expressway eastbound you're doing okay. in fact you're sailing through the egg harbor toll plaza because until 6 o'clock they're not collecting eastbound tolls. you can save your three bucks. but then a little bit farther along on the expressway toward the garden state parkway speeds do drop with some crowded conditions. it's worse than crowded here in center city. on the vine street expressway, in fact, it's parked westbound headed toward the schuylkill all because of this westbound accident on 76 approach, the boulevard. now completely off to the side but westbound is a solid line from vare out to this point. eastbound backed up as well from city avenue into the walt whitman bridge. and a bad crash in lower moreland is closing huntingdon pike. stick with terwood road or tomlinson road as alternates.
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sharrie we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> matt thank you. fundraising efforts under way for a well known philadelphia chef injured in last week's amtrak derailment. a go fund me site has been set up for the family of eli colt co-owner of the high street on market and fork restaurant. kulp's spokeswoman says he suffered serious spinal cord injuries and will need months of rehabilitation. a one of the mount airy house that had been crumbling. neighbors complained about the home on up saul street saying it was a danger and an eyesore. their complaints went unheaded until call for action stepped n licenses and inspections checked out the home this week and decided it must go. >> the ex convict accused of killing a wealthy washington family and their housekeeper is behind bars tonight. members of a fugitive task
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force took daron wint into custody late last evening. several other people arrested along with him. authorities say wint killed savaas savopoulos, his wife, their 10 year old son and their housekeeper last week and then set the family's mansion on fire. we'll have much more in a live report coming up in our next half hour. the weather has not been helping cleanup efforts today at that site of an oil spill off the coast of california. gusty winds have been whipping up waves as high as 4 feet off the santa barbara county. crews are still waiting to excavate the section of pipeline that broke on tuesday. about 21,000 gallons of crude oil are believed to have made it into the sea but so far more than 9,000 gallons have been cleaned up. officials say it could take weeks, even months to determine exactly what caused the spill. >> a successful venture from last summer is back again on the banks of the delaware. spruce street harbor park opened today along penn's landing and people settled right on in lounging in the sun or reading in the
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hammocks. they're also great places for kids and snacks to cap off the visit. >> ♪♪ everyone got in on the action at the 50th anniversary party for the beaumont school in devon. teachers performed some skits and dances and they also taught the students the macarana. afterward it was outside so everyone could blow bubbles. it was quite the celebration. >> now that's a friday. that's a good friday at school. much more still to come on "action news" friday evening. it's a major milestone for a video game obsession. we'll tell you how many of your quarters pacman has actually devoured. >> and it's not a video game but a real way to get fit without going to the gym. this, the focus of this week's fitness friday. >> meteorologist cecily tynan will be back with more details on the accuweather forecast. that and much more when "action news" comes right back.
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>> a delaware air national guardsman had a unique opportunity today. he got to thank the local physicians assistant who saved his life. it started six months ago when lieutenant colonel barry
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orbinati went to christiana health system freestanding emergency department in middletownly he thought he was having migraines but physicians assistants ed knox said something did not seem right so he ordered him to undergo a cat scan. turns out he had a brain aneurysm and was rushed into surgery. >> they saved my life. that's probably my opinion i don't think i would have woke up the next day. it's just so happens that right now not by chance we're doing this memorial day weekend but if it wasn't for ed and people down in the or, my parents would be thinking a little bit different memorial day. >> that's why we do this job basically. we're here to help people. >> what story. as a thank you to knox he presented him with a coin today that has the air force's emblem on it. military coins are seen as a sign of respect. >> well, in tonight's health check report summer's busy schedules are kicking in.
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if finding time to go to the gym or workout class is holding you back from getting in shape we may have a solution for you. >> health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman is at the "action news" big board with today's fitness friday report. hi ali. >> if you're like me but not like rick but you like boutique spin classes like fly we'll or body cycle this is for you. now there's a way to get a similar experience right in your own living room. >> i just got addicted to it right away. >> reporter: busy mom ashley staller has fun away -- spun away 10 pounds in just a couple months. and she did it with the help of a live cycling instructor right in her own home gym. >> i love that you could feel like you're in a live spin class. you are, you're in a live spin class in your home. >> reporter: it's called palatome and it's the new reality in fitness. for $39 a month plus the cost of the bike they broadcast live and on demand spin classes right to you.
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>> your schedule, your location and you always have a piece that that fantastic class. >> reporter: we spoke with founder john sole by skype from the studio control room in new york city. >> we're up to 12 live classes a day and then thousands of on demand rides from some of the top instructors in the world. >> reporter: foley says the bike is equipped with the latest technology. it also includes this waterproof tablet that helps riders zero in on their ride. and bring you that live event. >> he actually have five cameras that rotate around that experience on track that makes you feel like you're in the class. >> reporter: there's also a leaderboard so riders streaming in from across the globe can compete with each other. >> instructor will actually gauge you three the leaderboard, they'll see who is in the class and they'll give you a shout-out wherever you are in the world. >> reporter: for ashley she says the community is what keeps her going. >> and that pushes me to even push myself further. >> reporter: and to bring the live experience into your home do you have to buy the bike which costs about $2,000.
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however, the company does offer its on demand classes on their app to people who have other bikes. we have all the information on rick, back over to you. >> can they tell if you're cleating. if i'm sitting there going like this. >> reporter: they can tell if you're cheating, yes. >> then i don't want it. one of the nation's largest horse shows is on the way on the main line. devon horse show draws top competitors far round the world and it has a wide variety of equestrian events. proceeds from the show benefit bryn mawr hospital.
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>> ♪♪ >> unemployed people including hundreds of casino workers who lost their jobs in atlantic city are getting help. today mayor don guardian announced a new part cher ship to help them. local state and federal funding is being used not only for job training but to also help match people with companies that are hiring. since last month the city has helped 70 people find work. 35 years ago a pop culture legend was born. pacman made its debut in japanese game arcade. within 15 months of its release in the u.s. later that
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year, the company's maker had sold more than 100,000 arcade units and fans spent more than a billion dollars in quarters. now pacman is the most recognizable video game icon in the world. the characters appeared on cereal boxes t-shirts, bed sheets and it was even a star of a saturday morning cartoon program. >> wal-mart the nation's largest food retailer is urging its thousands of u.s. suppliers to curb the use of antibiotics in farm animals. wal-mart is asking them to only use antibiotics to prevent or treat disease not to fatten their animals. it's also asking suppliers to improve treatment of the animals such as giving them more space to live in. the company which has been under pressure from animal rights groups wants suppliers to give them annual reports on their progress. construction crews near london's wembley stadium got a big surprise. while digging the foundation for a new building, they found a world war ii bomb.
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the area was evacuated and army explosives experts were called in. the 110-pound device was taken away and detonated. officials say it could have created a lot of damage had it exploded. music: etta james "at last" (plays throughout) ♪♪
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sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪♪ ♪♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪♪ helping protect that world takes state farm.
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>> time now for accuweather at the "action news" big board and meteorologist cecily tynan joining us again now and it sounds like a mixed bag ahead but a nice weekend. >> nice bag. >> exactly yeah. louis vitton bag. lots of sunshine this weekend. temperatures are going to take a little bit of a tumble overnight and tomorrow but we have really something for everyone. and this friday evening it feels pretty nice out there. 76 degrees in philadelphia with those winds out of the west so that's a land breeze, not a sea breeze at the shore so sea isle city the boardwalk in atlantic city 73. reading 73. trenton 74. the cool spot is allentown. allentown had a shower move through about half an hour ago. that dropped the temperatures down into the 50's. definitely a blustery evening though. the wind gusts in philadelphia, 29 miles per hour. reading 33. lancaster reporting a peak wind gust of 35 miles per hour right now with these winds out of the west. the winds will diminish overnight. skies will be clear and this
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will allow for a very chilly night. satellite6 along with action radar showing right now we have a cold front that's moving through. most of the area is coming through dry but we did have that one shower over the lehigh valley. that has now moved north of new hope. it's moving into new jersey. it's just an isolated sprinkle and behind this front winds will shift out of the northwest and that will pull down some very cool air. tonight, clearing skies chilly 48 degrees in philadelphia. that's 8 degrees below average. millville 45. trenton 44. allentown down to 39 degrees. an frost advisory is posted for the poconos tonight. you can see the frost advisories and the freeze warnings really extend through the poconos up across new york state and new england as this high pressure build down and this provides us seasonably cool weather to start the day tomorrow. 10 o'clock tomorrow if you're stepping outside temperatures still only in the 50 and as we
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head through the afternoon we will see loads of sunshine, low humidity but temperatures really struggling to hit 70 degrees. that's 6 degrees below normal. so, your weekend kickoff for tomorrow philadelphia plenty of sunshine, low humidity. on the cool side with a high of 70. down the shore it will be cool on the beach so don't forget the sweatshirt, 67 degrees but loads of sunshine. and the poconos chilly for may with a temperature of only 61 degrees tomorrow but then temperatures warm up as we head through the weekend. so, the five day at 5:00 showing after 70 tomorrow, sunday we bump it up to 80 degrees and memorial day it's warm, it's humid 87 degrees. it can continues to heat up, though. tuesday 90. wednesday 92 degrees. looks like we have a good bet of a heat wave next week. i'll talk more about that and i'll have all the details on the shore and the poconos coming up in the accuweather 7-day forecast in about 20 minutes guys. >> thank you. much more still to come in our next half hour, with the turn of the key the ocean is now opened in atlantic city
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ahead of the unofficial start to the summer. >> plus, the city's newest residents are given little special treatment at the hands of some local experts. we'll have those stories and much more when "action news" comes right back.
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>> ♪♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again. monica is off sharrie williams joining us tonight. here's what's happening on "action news" friday evening. the fugitive wanted in connection with the murder of a wealthy d.c. area family is now in police custody. we'll have more on his first court appearance coming up. also camden firefighters tackle a fast moving fire to try to stop it from spreading to neighboring homes. you'll hear from as he dent who was forced to evacuate. and a bridge that linked two popular shore times won't be open to traffic this memorial day holiday weekend. we'll tell you why. >> we are following developing details in the brutal murder of a maryland businessman and his family and the housekeeper. the man suspected in the crime appeared before a judge this afternoon and authorities believe he did not act alone. daron wint was arrested last night following a massive manhunt. investigators say it was
5:31 pm
wint's dna that was found on a pizza crust left inside the families' burned out home. abc's karen travers is live in washington, d.c. with the latest. dharun wint is being held with joint bond and he'll be appearing in court again in late june. today the judge here in d.c. says wint is a flight risk and no release conditions could ensure the safety of the community. daron went appeared in d.c. court today charged with first degree felony murder. >> mr. wint is now incarcerated and he's held without bond. our work is not done. we'll continue to investigate this case and bring all charges that are appropriate in the coming weeks. >> reporter: the manhunt that stretched from washington to new york ended late last night when yours marshals took him into custody. wint is the main suspect in the brutal deaths of savaas savopoulos, his wife amy their 10-year-old son and their housekeeper, vera figueroa.
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the two women and one man traveling with wint last night and two other men in a separate vehicle were all taken into custody but have not been charged. wint was in brooklyn on wednesday. he took a bus there to see a girlfriend. u.s. marshals almost nabbed him there but were too late. sometime late wednesday night or thursday morning wint hired a car service to take him back to washington. and it's believed he paid in cash. authorities picked up his trail again in maryland tracking him to this hotel outside washington. >> saw two three police officers going down that way. didn't think much about it. he was supposed to be in brooklyn i thought. >> reporter: wint and his companions left that hotel and were arrested in washington. his motive for the killings is still unclear but police say it wasn't random. >> we have recent information that he did work at american iron works at one time in the past. >> reporter: that's the company where savopoulos was ceo. d.c. police said in court
5:33 pm
documents they believe more than one person is responsible for holding the savopouloss and their housekeeper captive and killing them. reporting live from washington, karen travers channel6 "action news." sharrie. >> okay, karen, thank you. world news tonight with david muir will have the very latest on the maryland mansion murders including the investigation into the motive for the killings. you can watch that following "action news" at 6:00. >> back here, a camden firefighter is recovering tonight after he was injured fighting a stubborn blaze this morning. an "action news" viewer used a cell phone camera to capture the dramatic scene along the 1100 block of kaighn avenue. as "action news" reporter katherine scott tells us the situation escalated quickly causing crews to call in reinforcement. >> reporter: that knock was from firefighters early this morning. the vacant building behind alfredo via lobos camden home was on fire. he worried it two spread. >> i had to move everything
5:34 pm
out, my business, my truck everything. >> reporter: firefighters were called out to the 1100 block of kaighn avenue around 6:00 a.m. and were met with heavy smoke and flames on the upper floors. this viewer video shows firefighters battling this blaze. initially firefighters went and side but pulled back when one firefighter was injured. >> when the guy got hurt we pulled him out and then we did a defensive operation. we didn't have anybody in the building for awhile. went tried to contain the fire as best as we could. >> reporter: neighbors say ralph's plumbing used to operate out of this building but like many buildings on this block it's been vacant for years and frequented by squatters who strip the copper for scraps. >> not enough city help. they can't keep after it. it's too hard when they're coming in the back sides of buildings, in there in the middle of the night. >> reporter: the fire department is located right down the block. they're familiar with this property. they know squatters come in and out of here so they walked through it before just in case something like this happened. >> they have been doing block checks recently and walking
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through this because they saw it as being problematic. >> reporter: firefighters were able to minimize the spread. they say the buildings next door sustained exterior damage. katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> mayor michael nutter toured a local elementary school that's making big strides in its programs for students. teachers and staff of ann frank elementary in the bustleton section proudly showed off two of its signature programs. one is there diversity english speakers of other languages. the other is the alliance for a healthier generation. that's a nutrition and exercise program aimed at keeping the body as healthy and bright as the mind. from our delaware news room tonight a wilmington elementary school has high praise for its language programs. the embassy of spain awarded louis dewalt immersion elementary with its 2014 national award for academic excellence. the school is the first in the red clay district in which students were taught in spanish at least half the time. school officials say thes
5:36 pm
enrich the learning experiences for every child. >> well, the memorial day weekend is considered the unofficial starter to summer and for communities up and down the new jersey shore it's the start of big business. today atlantic city mayor don guardian kicked off the festivities with the annual unlocking of the ocean ceremony. he also placed a wreath in the water to honor the fallen service men and women before monday's holiday. city officials say this year's entertainment at the shore will be better than ever. and by the looks of it through our sky 6hd camera, taking a look at the boardwalk in atlantic city folks are already getting their memorial day weekend party started. the water is still pretty chilly so only the brave will likely get into the water. but the sunshine is expected to be plentiful throughout the weekend and monday. meteorologist cecily tynan will be along a little later of course with the details of the forecast. but if you're planning on hittinghitting sea isle city and avalon this weekend, pack your patience.
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that's because the townsend's inlet bridge that connects the two are still closed. workers hoped to have that bridge opened by now but the project is behind schedule. that means drivers will have to go all the way out of town to either route nine or the garden state parkway to get from one town to the other. >> all right. so always a challenge getting down there. once you're worth there it is worth it. matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center with an update on the commute tonight. >> once you're there you can enjoy that buffet that some people call the boardwalk. >> that's for sure. >> good evening once again rick and sharrie. the good news with that bridge situation is as you saw it's in there upright position mean if you're traffic in boat you'll be able to get through but if you're in a car you can't get through between sea isle and avalon at the townsend inlet bridge. thinking another two or three weeks for that construction. you have to go inland and use the garden state parkway. if you're headed towards delaware beaches for grotto pizza this weekend some slow speeds there on southbound
5:38 pm
highway one from christiana. normal friday afternoon stuff basically. some slowing as well on 95 and 295 where they meet up. here's 95 in south philadelphia. we've seen some heavy northbound traffic from this point at broad street up to the walt whitman bridge. traffic crawls across the walt into south jersey and then continues to be slow on southbound 42. even more substantially slow here on the vine street expressway. in fact, really parked westbound headed toward the schuylkill because of an earlier westbound accident on 76 approaching the boulevard. that's now completely cleared. had big issues this morning on septa's thorndale paoli regional rail line. it's on time this afternoon. earlier problems on the norristown high speedline have been remedied. rick and sharrie have a great weekend. >> you have a better one and thank you matt. students in new jersey put their engineering skills to the test today. the doane academy spartan engineering club created boats made out of cardboard and recycled materials. the students then took the boats out on the river. students used everything from plastic 55-gallon drums to
5:39 pm
water bottles to try and stay above the water line. you can see some of the boats were more successful than others but it looked like a great time. >> yeah, looks like a good time. still to come on "action news" tonight animal experts are making sure they keep tabs on some of philadelphia's smallest residents. we'll show you how. >> it was a dream realized by walt disney 60 years ago. today they're celebrating a major milestone at disneyland and we'll tell you all about it. cecily is in for adam tonight. >> get ready for a cool night. frost advisories in effects for the poconos, freeze warnings up across new england. i'm tracking a cool start to your weekend but then the warmest weather so far this year. i'll have the details in the accuweather forecast. >> okay. cecily thanks. we'll have those stories plus jaime apody with phillies and ncaa lacrosse action when "action news" comes right back. >> okay.
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>> dozens of people took time today to remember what this upcoming memorial weekend is really about to honor those who gave their lives in service to our country. individuals placed more than a thousand flags by the grave markers at the gloucester county veterans memorial cemetery in monroe township. more than 1300 gloucester county veterans are buried
5:43 pm
there. the newest residents of city hall given their welcome today. they didn't sound too happy about it. >> (chirping). >> that's one of four young peregrines. they're being banded so they can be tracked and studied later. amazingly in just a few days these guys will be fully grown and will start flying when they're less than two months old. meantime some baby ducklings have security officers at king of prussia mall to thank for their freedom. some eagle eyed action news viewer spotted the momma duck and one baby at the mall and wondered why she only had one duckling. the other nine fell down a storm drain. security offers removed the drain and saved the day and the ducks. they're at a wildlife rescue tonight. we want the thank the conley family for sending the pictures through join the
5:44 pm
action. nice. >> great rescue story. >> we won't give them a bill, though. >> no bill. >> turning to sports it took awhile but ryan howard's bat is finally heating up. >> jaime apody is live in the "action news" sports center with more. >> you quack me up rick. one hot team, the phillies takes on another when they head to washington to play the nationals, the nl east leading nationals. the big piece is finally playing like one. ryan howard has five home runs in his last 15 games, nine since april 21st. he's hitting .290 in that 28 game span. a lot of triples and rbi's. to continue their success these guys have to keep on hitting. >> need to get some base runners and create some opportunities for some runs and have guys come up big in those situations. through our winning streak in the last week, that's what we've done offensively is hit up and down the lineup with
5:45 pm
base runners and then have somebody come through and put some crooked numbers up on the board, so we'll have to continue to do that. >> will smith the baseball player brewers pitch interhot water after being caught with a foreign substance. he said it was a combination of rosin and sunscreen. he was tossed. said he had to get ready so fast forgot to wipe the stuff off his arm. deflate-gate news. the nfl rejected the players association request that commissioner roger goodell remove himself from tom brady's four game suspension appeal hearings. big weekend for lacrosse locally. the ncaa championships are on town. on the men's side the final four starts tomorrow with notre dame against denver, maryland against johns hopkins. championship game set for monday. the teams feature a bunch of players who grew up in the delaware valley so being back with the chance for a title something special. >> huge eagles fan. just being in the linc, it's pretty amazing.
5:46 pm
i've been getting texts with my friends. i'm so excited to be on the field. >> it's a dream come true. i've only been in the stands and finally being on this field at final four weekend championship weekend it's a dream come true. >> it will be the end of an era. lakers gm mitch cup hack said next season will be cope kobe bryant's final one. he played only 35 games last year before a shoulder injury sidelined him. here is a local guy to root for. zach mckofsky a u.s. fighter will take on top ranked john dobson in las vegas. only 5-foot four, 125 pounds which has earned him the nickname fun size. >> like when people call you fun size. >> yeah, sure. i've been taking short jokes my whole life so why not use it, you know. >> fun size like a fun size candy bar. coming up at 6:00 jeff skversky who i like to call a
5:47 pm
watch ma call it hits the mat with mckoskie. something you wouldn't want to watch. >> i'll watch, too, jamie. thanks. it's an especially proud day for disney. the parent company of 6abc. today the happiest place on earth disneyland is celebrating its 60. anniversary in anaheim california. it was back in 1955 when walt disney transformed an orange grove into a sprawling theme park. families were immersed in a magical world filled with rides music and those famous disney characters mickey donald and goofy. during the past 60 years a lot has changed but one thing has remained the same. disneyland's ability to bring out the child in each of us. people have come from around the world to experience the fun. >> it's very famous. >> my parents actually brought me to the 30th anniversary and so now it's so cool to be bringing my kids to the 60th. >> and if all of the glitz
5:48 pm
wasn't enough, disneyland is marking its diamond anniversary with an all night party at the park. it will be opened for 24 hours straight so everyone has a chance to soak up all the fun and enjoy all of the tasty food. we'll be right back.
5:49 pm
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the shackling or the pool. my money's on the shackling. with so much to do stay where the action is. book one of our hotels at >> we are taking a live look at the newly transformed blue cross river rink at penn's landing. as you can see folks aren't sporting ice skates they're on roller skates.
5:51 pm
can you tell. >> yes. >> take our word for it. cecily take our word for it. the rink has been transformed to a summer hangout and visitors will also have plenty of food and drinks to choose from as well. the kickoff celebration this weekend will feature a special app appearance by dj jazzy jeff. the roller rink will be opened seven days a week through end of september. >> awesome. >> and the weather is going to make sense for all of this this weekend. a cool start though. >> exactly. one of those weekends up want to get outside. it will be cool tonight and early tomorrow but then temperatures will really begin to warm up. we're for the most part dry. we had a couple sprinkles move through the lehigh valley bucks county with a cold front moving through and we are live on sky six taking a look in cape may which is going to be a lot busier tomorrow than it is today a few folks out on the beach enjoying the sunshine. the breezy conditions. and temperatures today, what a difference a day makes. yesterday's high 58 degrees.
5:52 pm
currently in philadelphia 76 degrees. wilmington 75. allentown with that shower that moved through earlier rain cooled 58 degrees. millville 73 and sea isle city currently 72 degrees. so, temperatures about where they should be for this time of the year. our high 77, 1 degree above normal. satellite6 along with action radar showing you can see the broken line of clouds with a few sprinkles. that's a secondary cold front that's moving through and behind that, we have some really cool air settling in tonight, so if you're heading out tonight you definitely want a jacket or a sweater. clearing skies and chilly, 48 degrees in philadelphia. that's 8 degrees below normal. some of our cooler suburbs like the lehigh valley, allentown temperatures dropping down into the upper 30's and despite wall to wall sunshine tomorrow with this high pressure right over ugg owe us, temperatures only to about 70 degrees in philadelphia, 6 degrees below normal but a nice spring day low humidity with that sunshine. on sunday this high pressure
5:53 pm
begins to nudge a little bit farther to the east. what this does, it brings us the return flow out of the southwest, so 10 degrees warmer 80 degrees, mostly sunny. humidity is still low and then memorial day is when you really feel the difference in the air mass. memorial day, of course, is when we do want to honor those who served in the armed forces. and we will have a day with a good amount of sunshine. early high clouds, warm clouds and mostly sunny skies. it will be muggy at 8 o'clock 69 degrees. by noon, 81 and by 4 o'clock 86 degrees. so memorial day definitely the warmest of the three days this weekend. heading to the poconos, it will be cool. we have frost advisories tonight. tomorrow the high only 61. bump it up to 73 degrees on sunday with partly sunny skies and monday a pop-up thunderstorm possible, 78 degrees. heading to the shore the ocean temperature only 59 degrees. tomorrow will be a cool day but lots of sunshine, 67. bump it up to 73 degrees on sunday and monday 75 degrees around lunchtime before an
5:54 pm
afternoon sea breeze kicks up and drops temperatures down into the 60's. so, the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, cool tomorrow, the high 70. up to 80 degrees on sunday. and monday, memorial day it's muggy, it's warm, 87 degrees. but the heat is on tuesday. hot and humid a high of 90. 9292 degrees on wednesday and thursday calling for 90. in we hit three days a row of temperatures in the 90's officially a heat wave. possibility of a thunderstorm on thursday and friday. that heat, that humidity sticks around with a high of 90 degrees and again a possibility of some thunderstorms. so, if you like temperatures on the cool side enjoy tomorrow. big changes by next week. >> all right. thanks cecily. >> thanks. today was a perfect day to say yes to the person who told you to go fly a kite. dozens of kids did just that in wildwood today. this weekend is the 30th annual for wildwood international kite festival. these young people got the
5:55 pm
event started with their own event. there were kites of every color and even a few cartoon characters flying above the beach. the kite festival officially starts tonight with an illuminated kite fly on the beach at rio grande avenue. >> ♪♪
5:56 pm
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>> seniors in montgomery county have a lot to celebrate this holiday weekends. they received their diplomas today during a same here at the kimmel center. harvey reuben a global infectious disease specialist delivered the commencement address. today's ceremony made history when officials handed out the school's first ph.d. degree in biomed sin. >> jim gardner and the "action news" team are standing by with these stories and more coming up next at 6:00 the unofficial start to summer it is here. how people are kicking off the holiday weekend with festivities at the shore and back here in the city. >> also a temple professor under arrest tonight. ahead the secret information he's accused of giving to china. that and much more coming up next at 6:00 for monica
5:58 pm
malpass adam joseph cecily tynan jaime apody sharrie williams the end tear "action news" team, i'm rick williams. have a good night.
5:59 pm
>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪♪ >> friday night a reward is in the offing to find the bandits lined a gun store robbery in collingdale. and a cow tries to make a get away on highway in mercer county. but the big story on "action news" tonight is the start of the summer season's first holiday weekend. welcome to memorial day at the
6:00 pm
jersey shore. in ocean city they marched right into the ocean to unlock the sea signaling the start of months of fun on the sand. and this was the scene in atlantic city as mayor don guardian is hoping the summer can be kind to his beleaguered city. we are poised to bring you a holiday preview with annie mccormick at the shore, cecily tynan with a late word from accuweather and eva pilgrim with all the holiday happenings in philadelphia. annie let's start with you in sea isle city. >> and jim we promise we're going to show you more of that surf and stand in just a moment but we also want to show you this construction project right now that's going to cause a headache for a lot of people that rely on this townsend inlet bridge that was supposed to be open. this connects sea isle to avalon. we'll get you to where you need to be don't you worry but this is something that's give some people a headache. plenty of shore points around the area many people are so excited to finally feel the sand between their toes. the jersey shore is ready for


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